Posture therapy at Posture & Function is based on a series of stretches and gentle exercises designed to restore full, natural function to muscles and joints. It addresses chronic musculoskeletal pain without using drugs, surgery or manipulation. Through posture alignment therapy, you will learn how to help yourself attain a fully satisfying and energetic lifestyle free of pain and limitations.
Thousands of people cannot live the life they want to because their muscles have forgotten their basic training. Therapy based on parts of the body rather than on the body as a whole will not restore function or solve the problem. The body functions as a unit; there are no unimportant parts. Too often the attention is focused in the wrong areas. We focus on the pain or the “effect” on our body when we need to focus on the source or “cause” of the pain. The good news is that pain and dysfunction can be reversed. Our method works to unravel the cause or dysfunction and effect permanent change. It works to restore proper musculoskeletal function so you may rediscover moving…pain free.
frontTake a good look at these pictures of “Functional Freddie.” Now look at yourself carefully in the mirror. Are your shoulders and hips level? Are your thumbs pointed forward? Do your ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders line up vertically in both the front and side views? Of course, none of us is perfect like Freddie, but this is an excellent picture what Pete Egoscue calls our “design configuration.” In other words, how we are supposed to be structured for maximum strength, stability, resilience, and range of motion. Anything else will ultimately lead to pain and other problems. In many cases, old injuries or other stresses can cause our bodies to “compensate” for improper function. It does this by deviating from our design configuration (misalignment) and by using the wrong muscles for everyday movement. Over time these compensations lead to dysfunctions, cartilage loss, and subsequent pain.
sideWhen we “get out of alignment,” or our “back goes out,” it is because the muscles PUT the skeleton (bones) into that position. It always feels great to have a body worker move us back into alignment, but until we re-train our muscles to put the bones in the proper places, it will always be temporary. Posture alignment exercises, while gentle, are highly effective for permanent pain relief. It will take some diligence on your part, however. Once you have been given your personalized “menu” of exercises, you will be the one to take daily responsibility for your continued improvement. But the rewards will be well worth the effort.